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5 months and this is only my second post

Posted by Mark Sztainbok on June 17, 2006

Craig has started his own blog called Outside The Box so I thought it was about time I did another post

Hopefully soon I’ll get around to writing some more about the current moving process and getting ready to go overseas in the next few days….


4 Responses to “5 months and this is only my second post”

  1. TROI said

    Yay now only 5 more months to the next one… maybe.

  2. Craig said

    Objectively speaking, for Mark, 5 months is pretty quick.
    I’ve been waiting 3 years for him to clean his study – lol

    Check out my webpage… Mine has regularly updated content!

  3. Brad W said

    When will we see your next posting Mark? You need to catch up with Craig 😉

  4. Craig said

    Anytime you’re ready… I’m into the start of my 5th week and already 80’ish entries in front.

    Guess it’s just like “Guitar Hero” I’m better! *evil laugh*

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