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Some observations about toilets in the US

Posted by Mark Sztainbok on August 14, 2006

Upon arriving in the US, there are a few things I noticed about toilets and restrooms:

1) The size of the hole in the toilets are smaller than those in Australia. This makes it quite easy to block a US toilet as I discovered when we were in LA. The key to avoiding this problem is to use toilet paper sparingly.

2) Most toilets here swirl when you flush them as opposed to Australian toilets where water runs down the sides to force the contents down the drain. I did however discover a few toilets today that flush in the Australian way

3) The water level after flushing is much higher here than in Australia. This makes it relatively difficult to go to the toilet quietly in the middle of the night as you are almost guaranteed to hit water and make noise. It also isn’t very water friendly.

4) There is no such thing as half-flush. As per the water level, American toilets use quite a bit of water. Not overly environmentally friendly in these days of world water shortages.

5) Auto-flushing toilets flush as soon as you get up off this seat. This is annoying as it means that any toilet paper you use is left floating around the bowl with no means of flushing the toilet again other than sitting down and standing up again.

6) Most restrooms have paper towel rather than the electric hand dryers commonly found in Australia.

Quite bizarre indeed…


5 Responses to “Some observations about toilets in the US”

  1. Craig said

    As if I haven’t got enough to deal with already…
    Now you’re toilet obsessed!

    In Mark’s defense, and from some active urinal research (I read the label while I was using one) each flush uses 4.1litres of water. Horrendous waste.

    As for blocking the toilet… I can’t say I’m surprised, I’ve always maintained that you grab the end of the roll and give it an almighty pull and let it spool off into a pile on the floor before scrunching it up for use.

    We go through SOOOOOO much toilet paper!


  2. Brad W said

    Talk about toilet humour 🙂

  3. Craig said

    Ahh crap!


  4. Mum said

    Boys Boys, What do you get up too Please ?

  5. Teresa said

    Just an FYI, most of those automatic flushing toilets have a button that you can push instead of sitting back down on the toilet, or you can just wave your hand in front of the sensor.

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