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Not so geeky after all

Posted by Mark Sztainbok on August 16, 2006

I came to a realisation today. I am a geek but not as much of one as I initially thought (luckily :P).

Today, Craig and I went to Fry’s Electronics , which is the electronics equivalent of Bunnings (or Lowe’s for those Americans amongst us) i.e. a big warehouse with long aisles just full of computer and electronics components.

Wandering through the aisles, I noticed a number of things:

  1. A lot of people there dress really badly and really do look like geeks and nerds
  2. When I asked questions, I didn’t feel like I was being technical enough (well at least not compared to what everyone else was asking)
  3. I actually walked out buying (mainly) the stuff I needed and initially went in there for

This led me to the conclusion I mentioned at the start: I may be a geek but there are WAY more geeky people out there than me.


9 Responses to “Not so geeky after all”

  1. […] Target shop completed, we headed off to Marks fantasy store… Fry’s.  As Mark mentioned in his blog entry, this place is like Bunning’s (Lowes) but for nerds, although he’ll tell you he’s a geek.  Personally I see no difference.  Spade, shovel, they both dig holes. Anyway, I digress, this place has everything anyone could ever possibly imagine that’s electronic or technology based, there’s something for everyone.  Including an entire new subculture of nerdy types, that look completely dishevelled and unwashed, to be honest, I did my very best to ensure I had a shopping trolley between me and them at all times, a bit like a lion tamer with a chair and whip, I also did my best to not make direct eye contact or sudden movements.  *laugh* […]

  2. Craig said

    Not a geek? Ha! You’re either a geek or you’re not (I still say nerd!), even if you claim there are levels of geekiness, for those of us outside the scope of geekdom, you’re still a geek 😛

    Admittedly though, as I wrote in my blog it was kind of scary. Great store though, although given the clientele, I was REALLY surprised to see there wasn’t an aisle full of plastic pocket protectors. LOL!

  3. Brad W said

    You are a geek Mark. 🙂 The people at Fry’s are wannabe geeks. You will be joining the real geekdom in a couple of weeks Mark!

  4. Craig said

    Pot… Kettle… Black…

    Microsoft is like a big old pot drawer.

  5. Phoenix said

    I was once told by a self admitted geek that “a geek is nothing more then a nead in disguise.” I must agree with him as I am a self admitted geek myself, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at me. 😛

  6. Brad W said

    Being a geek is nothing to be ashamed of. 🙂

  7. Craig said

    Is this an example of “birds of a feather”? or perhaps “safety in numbers”.

    If it looks like a geek, talks like a geek, walks like a geek, it’s a nerd 😉

  8. Brad W said

    “Safety in numbers” .. nah, a geek can function on his own 🙂

  9. […] As I’ve stated in the past in Mark’s Blog – Not so geeky afterall…: If it looks like a geek, walks like a geek, talks like a geek, it’s a Nerd! […]

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