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The comforting side of globalisation

Posted by Mark Sztainbok on August 16, 2006

Moving overseas can be a bit of a culture shock but it is comforting to walk down the street and see businesses that are in Australia such as McDonalds, Borders, Starbucks, etc.

Even more comforting is a trip to a supermarket. Walking down the aisles here in the US you see many of the same brands and products as in Australia such as Palmolive, Oral-B, Colgate, Nivea, Head & Shoulders, Glad, Tic Tacs, Kleenex, Listerine and even Nutella.

Everyone complains about globalisation and big multinational companies but it’s nice to know that being far away from home that some of the small things are still the same…


One Response to “The comforting side of globalisation”

  1. Craig said

    Still the same but different…

    Everything is soooo much sweeter, and bigger, and generally less environmentally sound.

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