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Light switches

Posted by Mark Sztainbok on August 17, 2006

One of the things that’s keeps on getting me here are light switches. Unlike in Australia, light switches are on when up and off when down.

Light switch

For example, in the above picture, the left switch is off and the right switch is on whilst in Australia, it would be the opposite. 

As for the reasoning for this, I have no idea…


2 Responses to “Light switches”

  1. Brian said

    I was told by an electrician here in Australia that the switches are set like that so that if you accidentally lean against it you are most likely (laws of gravity, height and what-not) to bump something to the off position rather than on, thus it’s safer.

  2. Craig said

    I can confirm that the theory works in practice. While we were at the the Kirkland Department of Licensing the other day I leaned against the wall and plunged the office into darkness.

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