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Liquor stores

Posted by Mark Sztainbok on August 17, 2006

Today, Craig and I made some interesting discoveries about liquor over here:

  1. That even though supermarkets readily sell wine and beer, they do not sell spirits or liqueurs
  2. Spirits and liqueurs are only sold in liquor stores
  3. All liquor stores in Washington are state owned and run by the Washington State Liquor Control Board
  4. Alcohol is exceptionally cheap over here. We bought a 1.75l bottle of Tanqueray Gin for US$45.95, 1.75l bottle of Smirnoff Blue Label Vodka for US$35.95 and 750ml bottle of Frangelico for US$24.95.
  5. Even if you’re over 30, you may be asked for ID. Both Craig and myself had to show ID when purchasing the above alcohol. Apparently, if you look 27 or younger (legal age for alcohol here is 21), it is common to be asked for ID here in Washington state so in a way it’s flattering to be asked
  6. A lot of Australian wines are cheaper over here in the US than they are Australia. Weird but true…

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