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Car company pronunciation

Posted by Mark Sztainbok on August 18, 2006

It’s very funny to hear how the Americans pronounce car company names on TV.

Nissan, which would be pronounced as Ni-sun in Australia, is pronounced as Nee-sun here.

Hyundai, which would be pronounced as Hi-oon-die in Australia, is pronounced here as Hun-day.

The list will increase as I see more ads 😉


4 Responses to “Car company pronunciation”

  1. Rhonda said

    and Mazdas are Marz-das…

  2. Chris said

    Believe it or not, dialects are regional in the United States. Most people thing of just Northestern or Southern accents, but even just between say, Washington and California there’s a difference. (being a Californian myself I notice this) Also the choice of words for things is regional. i.e. the “Soda” vs. “Pop” debate, amongst other vocabular anomolies.

  3. Craig said

    Soda? Pop? It’s all softdrink to me 😉

  4. TROI said

    At least I know that we pronounce the car companies relatively correct over here in Australia. Japanese is largly a phonetic language so how it is written is how it is said. Though Hyundai would actually be HeYun-da-e.

    And I thought it was just “Soda-pop” over there… :p don’t evny you guys, it’s like you have to learn a whole new language!

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