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Our first Seattle pizza

Posted by Mark Sztainbok on August 18, 2006

Last night Craig and I ordered our first pizza from a place called Pagliacci Pizza. I ordered an 11” Chicken Primo (Chicken marinated in balsamic vinaigrette, artichoke hearts, red onion, imported peppers, mozzarella, ricotta and parsley on an olive oil base) and Craig ordered an 11” Grand Salami Primo (Salami, pepperoni, Canadian bacon and Italian sausage over mozzarella, tomato sauce and spices). About half an hour later, our pizzas arrived.

The pizzas were on a crusty thin base and were not overloaded with toppings or cheese. One interesting thing was that both pizzas came with a sachet of chili flakes and some parmesan (or maybe it was Romano) cheese which you could sprinkle on the pizza to add a little more flavour. I sprinkled the chili on mine to give it a little spice and Craig used both. We both agreed that our respective pizzas were very tasty and not too heavy (unlike the awful pizzas we used to get in Bacchus Marsh).

We will definitely be ordering from Pagliacci again….


4 Responses to “Our first Seattle pizza”

  1. Chris said

    Pagliacci is consistently rated one of the best pizzas in town. Truth be told, we used to order pizza from them so frequently that they send us Christmas cards and ask how our puppy is doing since they’ve seen her from the first day we got her. A bit embarassing really.

    The only comparable pizza I’ve had is at Pegasus Pizza on Alki beach here in West Seattle. Great place to have a pizza and a pint for lunch then laze about or stroll along the beach people watching.

  2. Craig said

    Hmmm looks like we’re gunna have to do pizza and beers with the boys, while the dogs have a play date.

  3. Chris said

    Pagliacci also has monthly specialty pizzas. Be adventurous. The Pear Primo is absolutely fantastic!

  4. I think this month is Asparagus Primo. A leaflet came with the pizza but I can’t locate it so I’m not sure what else it has apart from asparagus 😛

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