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Just when I thought I had seen everything

Posted by Mark Sztainbok on August 19, 2006

Today, Craig and I went shopping at Bellevue Square which is located in Bellevue, which is a relatively large town located very close to Redmond.

While wandering around, we came across a sweet shop and I just had to take a picture of this:







It’s a choose your own M&M colour selector so if you want just purple and orange M&M’s, for example, then you can. As for why one would worry about this, given that all M&M’s taste the same, the mind ponders…*

* OK, I’ve thought of one legitimate use which is for a colour themed party or function. I can’t really think of any other uses…


One Response to “Just when I thought I had seen everything”

  1. Craig said

    There’s a market for everything, including people with colour neuroses involving M&M’s… and they do so taste different…

    Not really, I’m just pandering to those who believe they do. Although this IS America, and it’s very possible that they do.

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