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No wonder Americans are getting so obese…

Posted by Mark Sztainbok on August 21, 2006

Today, Craig and I went to Jack In The Box for dinner. Craig ordered a large Bacon Cheeseburger meal and I ordered a medium Chicken Fajita Pita meal.

As I said back in my US Day 1 post, the sizes of drinks here in the US are much bigger than in Australia. In fact, according to the sides of our cups, the medium drink is 32oz or roughly 960ml and the large drink is 42oz or roughly 1.32l. We both had Minute Maid Lemonade, so based on the nutritional facts, the medium drink contains 440 calories and 116g of sugar and large drink has 605 calories and 160g of sugar.

Add these to the fat and sugar content of the main meal and I can see why the waistline of people who regularly eat these meals are getting bigger and bigger….


2 Responses to “No wonder Americans are getting so obese…”

  1. Brad W said

    Jack in the box .. Were you guys desperate for food, or just curious? 😛

  2. Craig said


    I agree with Mark, the meal sizes here are ridiculous.
    What Mark left out was that we ordered different size meals and it took several hours to finish them
    4 hours in total for the drink.
    It’s insane the sizes these things come in. But we had to try them.

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