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Not so much a campus, but a suburb

Posted by Mark Sztainbok on August 24, 2006

That was the way that Craig described the main Microsoft campus in Redmond (where I will be working) as we walked the dogs through it this afternoon.

Having walked through the campus, it is nothing like I expected. Originally I expected there to be a big fence around the whole campus with tight security. The reality is very far from this. The campus is very open with a lot of tall trees, green lawns, outdoor cafeteria seats, and basketball courts. It also has main roads (which the public use) running right through the middle of it and the general public can readily walk through its paths and gardens. Sizewise it is exceptionally large (hence Craig’s comment about it being like a suburb) and has buildings on both of sides of SR-520, one of the main freeways here in Seattle.

We timed how long it takes to walk from our apartment to Building 43 where I will be working and it takes about 25 minutes which means I should get about 4 hours of exercise walking to work every week.


3 Responses to “Not so much a campus, but a suburb”

  1. Craig said

    And I’ll get double that walking him to walk to make sure he’s gone for the day!
    The dogs will sleep all day, it’ll be lovely and quiet.

  2. TROI said

    Hmmm sounds a lot unlike the way a “like” establishment was portrayed in “Antitrust”. I know, I know it’s not a movie about Microsoft… but still I would have thought they would have had some serious security going on in Redmond.

  3. Apparently, the security on all the buildings is extremely tight. Being so open, the campus itself would be hard to secure unless they fenced it off, etc.

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