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Our trip

Posted by Mark Sztainbok on March 2, 2008

As previously mentioned we are heading off shortly on a world trip.

The places we are going are as follows:

Depart from On To On
Seattle 20/3 Edinburgh 21/3
Edinburgh 24/3 London 24/3
London 29/3 Paris 29/3
Paris 1/4 Melbourne 3/4
Melbourne 14/4 Darwin 14/4
Darwin 17/4 Tokyo 17/4
Tokyo 20/4 Honolulu 20/4
Honolulu 20/4 Seattle 26/4

So why this list of places I hear you ask?

  • Edinburgh for our friend Luke’s wedding
  • London and Paris because we were nearby and though what the heck
  • Melbourne to visit the family and catch up with friends. Additionally Craig’s sister Kate and my sister Alida are both due around the time we are there so hopefully we’ll both be able to see our new nieces/nephews
  • Darwin for our friend Tammy’s wedding
  • Tokyo to visit my friend Kin
  • Honolulu to recover from the rest of the trip

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