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Waiting in the BA First Class lounge at Sea-Tac

Posted by Mark Sztainbok on March 20, 2008

Just over 2 hours until our plane leaves…

It turns out that our original flight BA48 had a defective plane and the replacement plane doesn’t have First Class so we got moved to a later flight BA52. The downside of this is that instead of departing Seattle at 7:30PM, we are now leaving at 10:55PM (which is delayed an hour from when BA52 would normally leave. I’m not sure why that is). This has resulted in us having to change our flight from London to Edinburgh too so we now arrive there at 8:55PM instead 4:10PM.

Ah well…at least we managed to get on another flight still in First Class. I would have been especially annoyed if we had been stuck in Economy given how much both Craig and I had been looking forward to flying First Class and also due to the lack of sleep we both have had due to packing and preparing for the holiday (and the fact that we paid good money!).

Because of the change, we also had to move the Lincoln Towncar that was picking us as our travel agent advised us to get to the airport early as BA had to issue new tickets. As it turns out, the check-in only took a few minutes so we have had a lot of time to spare before the flight.

So here we are sitting in the BA First Class lounge drinking free alcohol (Craig has a glass of Chardonnay and I have a Tanqueray 10 and tonic), eating complimentary sandwiches and using the free Wi-Fi…life is hard, isn’t it?

And if you’re wondering what the lounge looks like:

The interior of the lounge

The complementary food selection in the lounge:

Food selection

The complementary non-alcoholic drink selection in the lounge (there is also an espresso machine and water):

Non-alcoholic drink selection

The alcoholic drink selection in the lounge:

Alcoholic drink selection


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