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A bunch of singing hobbits

Posted by Mark Sztainbok on March 22, 2008

While at Heathrow Airport, I was looking at some leaflets for the various musicals currently showing in London and came across one for Lord Of The Rings The Musical. Yes, you heard me right. There actually is a muscial based around the story of Frodo’s quest to destroy the one ring before Sauron can use its power.

From the brochure:

The magic of the THE LORD OF THE RINGS comes to life in a stunning new onstage spectacle with over 70 actors, singers and musicians. An amazing life event, filled with jaw-dropping theatricality, that transports you to Middle-earth as breaktaking special effects, thrilling music and dazzling performances fill the Theatre Royal Drury Lane.


When I read the first quote, I thought it said “You’ve never seen a spectacle like it”. Yes, I’m sure I haven’t 😉

I do wonder though how well a story which took 3 films of more than 6 hours total to tell can translate well into a 2 hour muscial…

More information can be found at


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