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Edinburgh, Day 1

Posted by Mark Sztainbok on March 24, 2008

We woke up relatively early and headed down to the hotel restaurant to have the traditional English buffet breakfast which consisted of cereal, juice, pastries, fruit and hot foods such as sausages, scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes, fried bread and baked beans. I ended up having a bowl of cornflakes and some baked beans, scrambled eggs, fried bread and potatoes.

After breakfast, we quickly went up the road to purchase some prepaid UK SIM’s so that we could use mobile phones to communicate without having to worry about expensive roaming fees.

We were then picked up by Luke and Richard and driven to Glasgow where the suit hire place was as Craig needed some adjustments made to the length of his suit pants. I was really tired so I ended up having a bit of a nap in the back seat on the way there.

The suit hire place was very interesting and specialized in formal kilts as well as normal suits. There was even one kilt there which was hot pink crushed velvet. I kid you not!

You can see it here in the bottom right corner. They also had the same set in purple!

After being dropped back in Edinburgh by Luke & Richard, Craig and I went back to the mobile shop so that he could buy a new battery for his Motorola V3 as the one had was dead. We then wandered around the Royal Mile which is located near our hotel (The Carlton) looking for somewhere to eat for lunch. On the way, I ended up buying a cashmere scarf as I didn’t bring one with me and the weather in Edinburgh was too cold to not have one.

In the end, we ended up eating at an Italian restaurant called Bella Italia. It wasn’t bad although when we first came in it was really smokey in there for some reason (I think someone had burnt something in the kitchen).

After lunch, we returned back to the hotel where we found Luke & Richard checking in. There we also met Luke’s mother Lynne and his father Phil. Luke & Richard asked us if we could help set up the rooms in the hotel where they were having the reception and ceremony so we spent the afternoon assisting them with their preparations. We were also introduced to Richard’s mother, Sheila.

We also gave them their wedding present which was 2 teddy bears that we had made at Build-A-Bear Workshop while we were in Seattle, both of which we dressed in tuxedos. We named one Luke and one Richard and made their birth date the date of the wedding.

We then had some drinks with Luke, Richard, Lynne, Phil, Luke’s aunt Di and uncle Gary, Emmy (Luke’s cousin), Alice (Emmy’s friend) and Arden (Alice’s partner). It was a lot of fun and even though Luke kept on apologizing for his family, I thought they were great and had some good conversations with all of them.

After drinks, we then met Luke & Richard for dinner down in the hotel restaurant.

Following this, we went on a ghost tour which took us into the vaults under South Bridge. The tour was interesting for learning some of the history of Edinburgh but it wasn’t really scary at all (except if you include that we actually paid good money for it!). Craig was excited though as they took us to one of the locations where Most Haunted had been in one of the shows he had watched.

I thing I learnt from the tour though was that if I take my camera somewhere I should always bring a cleaning cloth as during the tour I accidentally put a big fingerprint smudge on the lens and had nothing to clean it with.

Then it was off to bed to get some sleep before the wedding the next day.


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