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Wait at Heathrow and flight to Edinburgh

Posted by Mark Sztainbok on March 24, 2008

Our flight arrived in Heathrow at Terminal 4 and our next flight was in Terminal 1. After a really long walk from the arrival gate, we hopped on a bus and proceeded to Terminal 1.

At Terminal 1, we went through security (which unlike in the US doesn’t require you to remove your shoes or take out laptops and video cameras). We then bought a lock for my camera bag and some deodorant (so we could refresh ourselves). We then headed off to the British Airways domestic Terraces Lounge where we both had a shower which was quite refreshing after the 7 hour flight over to London.

The Terraces lounge was much like the one in Seattle but larger and with big windows looking out over Heathrow. It also had a self-service bar with spirits and wine as well as a larder with sandwiches and snacks. Best of all there was real cheese which was something that both Craig and I miss as the US cheese generally isn’t very good.

The interior of the lounge:

Terraces Lounge

The self-service wine bar:

Self-serve wine bar

The self-service drink bar:

Self-serve drink bar

We ended up waiting for about 5 hours in Heathrow in the lounge as our flight to Edinburgh (and all other British Airways flights for some reason) was delayed.

Once on the flight we discussed that even though our boarding pass said we were in Business UK, there is only one class on a domestic British Airways flight and the main benefit of Business UK is access to the Terraces lounge. Still the one class on the flight wasn’t bad. BA domestic flights have free alcohol as well as provide meals (similar to the service that Qantas offers domestically) so we yet another meal (we had spent the afternoon eating sandwiches and snacks in the lounge). The meal was quite good and consisted on a chicken fillet on tabouleh with a roll and apple crumble for dessert.

Once we arrived in Edinburgh, we were met by our friend Luke and his finance Richard (whom we hadn’t met before). They had offered to pick us up and drive us to our hotel (Carlton Hotel). However, due to the number of suitcases and bags we had, they couldn’t fit the bags and us in the car so I took one suitcase and my hand luggage and caught the bus from the airport to the hotel (which only cost £3 points as opposed to at least £18) while Craig went off with Luke and Richard to try on his suit for the wedding.

Once at the hotel, I just relaxed until Craig arrived with the rest of the luggage. Once he arrived, we unpacked a little and then went to bed. One annoying thing about the bed though was it was a double bed made from 2 single beds. Given that there were 2 men listed for the room, they must have assumed that we didn’t want a double bed so they made the beds as 2 single beds with their blankets tucked in the middle between the 2 beds. This problem was easily solved by simply pulling the blankets out from the middle and voila we had a double bed again (albeit one with a little gap in the middle) 🙂


3 Responses to “Wait at Heathrow and flight to Edinburgh”

  1. Brad said

    To quote:

    Once at the hotel, I just relaxed until Craig arrived with the rest of the luggage

    You didn’t help carry any of the luggage for Craig?

  2. I was up in the hotel room waiting for him to arrive. All I heard was a knock on the door and he was there with a porter and the luggage.

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