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Edinburgh, Day 2

Posted by Mark Sztainbok on March 27, 2008

After breakfast with Luke and Richard, I did a little blogging then headed out to take some photos while Craig did some preparations for the wedding.

I ended up walking down High St past St Giles Cathedral, down the Mound to Princes St where I did some shopping, up George St, St Andrew Square and back up North Bridge to the hotel. Overall the walk took nearly 3 hours and I walked about 6km according to the GPS log. I took lots of photos which I’ll upload when I have a chance.

I got back to the hotel around 1:45PM and the wedding started at 2:30PM. I quickly had to go down to the business centre and print out Craig’s best man speech for him while he finished getting ready and then get changed into my clothes for the wedding. Craig headed down to the wedding while I was in the shower and I managed to get down just in time for it to start.

The wedding ceremony was beautiful with readings by Luke’s Mum Lynne, Richard’s Mum Sheila and Pamela, who was one of the bridesmaids and the exchanging of vows and rings by Luke and Richard.

After the ceremony, we moved to the room next door where we had the first of 2 wedding receptions. The first reception only had about 40 people and was for the family and close friends of the 2 grooms. I was placed on a table with Luke’s family who we had drinks with the day before. As I said previously, Luke continually apologized for seating me with them but I had a fun time and once again had some good chats with all of them.

The food was quite good. I had leek and potato soup, followed by a herb crusted salmon with vegetables and a dessert consisting of a flavoured cream in a brandy snap.

During the reception, speeches were given by Lynne and Phil (Luke’s Dad), Sheila and Ian (Richard’s parents), Craig (who I’m has details of his speech on his site so I’m not going to talk about it here) and Martin (who was Richard’s best man).

After the reception, we moved to the lounge to have some drinks while the other guests arrived and then moved into the big ballroom for the second reception.

I had a great time at the second reception which had a Scottish music band who led a number of dances, quite a few involving Highland flings and spinning around your dance partner. It was a little like a Scottish version of a barn dance to be honest. It was quite fun though. One of the weirder dances was the Helicopter Dance, which involved spinning people around. I took a video of the whole dance which I’ll upload later.

The food at the second reception was a buffet which wasn’t overly impressive. It was mainly finger food such as sandwiches, pakoras and chicken skewers.

I spent a bit of time talking to another Richard (who was the boyfriend of Beth, who was the other bridesmaid) for a while about techy stuff (thanks for introducing us Craig :P). Beth and he are coming to Seattle in June and I’m going to take Richard on a tour of the Microsoft campus while they’re there.

Towards the end of the reception (around 12:15AM), the fire alarm when off in the hotel and everybody (including all the hotel guests) had to evacuate the hotel. The silver lining in this is that we could have been asleep in bed when the alarm went off.

After the reception finished at 1AM, we headed up briefly to Luke & Richard’s room before heading off to bed ourselves.


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