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London Day 2

Posted by Mark Sztainbok on March 27, 2008

After breakfast, we caught the Tube to Victoria and walked down Buckingham Palace Road to Buckingham Palace to watch the Changing of the Guard. It was very crowded  and we couldn’t see much so Craig and I stayed briefly to take a few pictures of Buckingham Palace and its surroundings and some of the new guards approaching before heading to St James Park station to catch the Tube to Tower Hill to go to the Tower of London.

At the Tower of London, we took a guided tour with one of the Yeoman Warders (aka Beefeaters) and went to look at the Crown Jewels. We then had lunch at the cafe which was very expensive and poor value. Next, we went up one of the ramparts to take some photos of the Tower Bridge.

Following this, we left the Tower of London and headed to the Tower Bridge Exhibition, where they have converted the upper span of the bridge into viewing platforms where you can look up and down the Thames River and the two towers into displays.

After the Tower Bridge, we walked over to Tower Gateway station and cause the Docklands Light Rail (DLR) to Greenwich. At Greenwich, we walked to the Royal Observatory which lies on the prime meridian (longitude 0°) which is the basis for time zones (hence the name Greenwich Mean Time). Unfortunately, we arrived a little late and the Observatory had shut so we could only see the prime meridian marker through the gates. At this point, it also started to rain heavily and we got soaked walking back to the DLR station.

We caught the DLR back into central London. As the interchange at Bank and Monument which would have allowed one train change to get to Earls Court  is currently undergoing work, we had to get off at Canary Wharf (and no we didn’t see Daleks or Cybermen or Torchwood fighting each other for all you Doctor Who fans) and change to the Jubilee line to get to Westminster then onto the District line to Earls Court. This was the first time that we had caught a train during peak time and the train was so crowded that some people stood pretty much right against the door with their heads bent to the curvature of the carriage.

Once back at the hotel, I had a brief sleep before heading out with Craig to do some washing at a nearby laundromat. After the washing was done (around 9:30PM), Craig headed back to the hotel with the washing and I went to Gourmet Burger Kitchen to get some dinner which consisted of a burger (I had a Satay Beef and Craig has a Chicken, Camembert and Cranberry), fries and side salad each which we ate in the hotel room.

After dinner, I headed off to bed as we had to get up early.

Monopoly places visited:

Fenchurch St Station


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