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London Day 4

Posted by Mark Sztainbok on April 10, 2008

After breakfast, we hopped on the Tube to go to the Tate Modern gallery. The Tate Modern as the name suggests mainly has modern art which is classified as any art since 1900. I’ll be frank and say I don’t get modern art. Some of it looks like it could be done by a 5 year old yet I’m sure is worth thousands of dollars. I’ll take 2 examples from the art pieces we saw. One piece was a piece of canvas with a big knife slash in it. Another piece was a piece of string threaded through pieces of soap. See what I mean?

There was some cool stuff in the Tate Modern though such as the room with geometric shapes created out of lines, some of Roy Lichtenstein‘s pieces and the big crack through the Turbine Hall on the gallery’s ground floor.

When we left the Tate, it started to rain heavily and we didn’t have any raincoats or umbrellas. We quickly made our way over the Millennium Bridge with its view of St Paul’s Cathedral and stopped to have lunch at restaurant called Itsu. Itsu specialize in healthy sushi, salad and noodles and is definitely worth visiting for a quick and healthy meal while in London. The menu can be read here. The mint tea is definitely worth a try as they literally use fresh mint leaves in a tea bag. The thai basil lemonade is also very unusual.

After lunch, we headed off to St Paul’s station and caught a train to Marble Arch station to view the Marble Arch, which was the original gateway to Buckingham Palace. I was under the wrong impression that Marble Arch was Wellington Arch and Wellington Arch was what I actually wanted to see as you can to the top of it and look our over Hyde Park and the gardens of Buckingham Palace. Some nearby tramps saw that we looked puzzled and asked us what we were looking for to which we replied Wellington Arch. They were very helpful and gave us directions to where it was located.

It turns out that we at the opposite side of Hyde Park from it so we walked down Park Lane through the suburb of Mayfair down to Hyde Park Corner where Wellington Arch and the Australian War Memorial (not that we realised what it was until the gentleman in Wellington Arch told us) are. We went up to top of Wellington Arch and took some pictures before proceeding to Hyde Park Corner Station to head to Holborn station so we could go to the British Museum.

The British Museum is a weird place. It’s interesting to see all the historical artifacts but at the same time you know what a lot of them (e.g. the Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon in Greece) were effectively stolen in the name of “preservation”.

After the British Museum, we headed back to Earls Court where we had dinner at an restaurant called Masala Zone which emphasises traditional Indian food before going back to the hotel for the evening.

Monopoly places visited:

Park Lane



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