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Paris Day 1

Posted by Mark Sztainbok on April 18, 2008

After waking up late and having breakfast, we headed out into the rain to catch a train to Place de la Concorde. While there, Craig took some pictures of the Obelisk, Tuileries Gardens and Champs-Élysées before we proceeded to walk through the Tuileries Gardens to the Louvre.

Once at the Louvre, we had a quick small lunch and picked up some multimedia tour packs and headphones.  We decided to do the 2.5 hour Castle to Pyramid tour which took us through the remnants of the Medieval Louvre, past the Venus De Milo, Winged Victory of Samothrace, Mona Lisa (which has been moved since I last saw it in 1988 to a wall of its own and now looks much bigger) and through the Napoleon III Apartments. Overall we spent the whole afternoon wandering around the Louvre and looking at the art.

We then headed back to the hotel where we rested for a little before heading out to the Latin Quarter where we at dinner at a restaurant called Le Christine, which was recommended to us by Craig’s friend Nick. After dinner, headed to Notre Dame to get ice cream at a shop also recommended by Nick but were unable to find it so we returned back to the Latin Quarter to have Nutella and Grand Marnier crepes at a little creperie called Crêperie des pêcheurs.

We then walked back slowly to our hotel and checked out the various shops on the way.


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