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Experiments with HDR photography

Posted by Mark Sztainbok on April 11, 2008

While in Edinburgh, I decided to experiment with HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography a little.

In order to create an HDR photo, 3 photos are taken: one which is underexposed, one which is overexposed and one which is normally exposed (the exposure bracketing function of most DSLR’s is useful to create these images).

The 3 images are then combined using software such as Photomatix Pro, to create a 32-bit image which is then tone mapped to create the HDR image.

The images below were created using an exposure bracket of ±2. The original 3 images used to create each image as well as larger images of the HDR images below can be seen on my Flickr site.






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An experiment in geotagging, part 2

Posted by Mark Sztainbok on March 27, 2008

As I previously discussed, I bought a GPS logger so that I could geotag my photos while on this trip. The only problem is that the logger seems to have some issues getting a satellite fix sometimes.

Luckily I also bought the same GPS logger for Craig and we have both had them on at the same time so if one logger fails, the other one often will have a fix and log the route.

When I have a chance (and I work out how to do it :P), I’ll upload some maps to the various articles to show some of the paths and places we have been.

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An experiment in geotagging

Posted by Mark Sztainbok on March 2, 2008

Geotagging is the processing of adding GPS information (such as latitude and longitude) to photos.

Given the number of places we are going to on our trip, I’ve decided that I’m going to geotag all of my photos so that it is easy to identify where I took them and also so that others can see the physical location where they were taken. Additionally it will provide a nice travel map of where we went on our trip.

In order to do this, I purchased a GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr GPS logger, which also comes with some expectionally good geotagging software.

As I only received the logger last week, I decided to try out the new GPS logger today and see how well it works.

In order to do this, I had to do the following:

  1. Take the GPS logger outside to get an inital satellite lock
  2. Synchronize my camera with the GPS time by connecting the logger to the computer and manually setting the time on the camera
  3. Turn on the GPS logger so it starts logging
  4. Take the GPS logger with me as I took photos
  5. Once home, turn off the logger and download the GPS logs and photos to the computer
  6. Use the PhotoTrackr software to map the photo times with the GPS logs and tag the photos with the GPS location
  7. Upload the photos to Flickr and my Gallery site.

The results can be seen on my Flickr and Gallery sites.

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